US Idaho Obituaries 1880-2013

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If we haven’t listed something you are confused about please see the PDF Presentation for all Obituary Projects or ask in Questions and Answers Section or leave a comment. If there’s something you think should be on here please let us know.

Gender of Relative (Project Instructions)

Do not assume the gender of a relative based on given names; if gender was not clearly indicated in the obituary, either directly or with pronouns or titles or terms, use the corresponding generic term in indexing the relationship. For example, if no gender was indicated in the obituary, you would index Child instead of Son or Daughter, or Parent instead of Mother or Father, or Sibling instead of Brother or Sister.


How to index Please see above PDF it explains a lot more than we can put here plus there’s too many variations to list here that are already listed in the PDF. If you’re still not sure ask in Question and Answers section of the forums and we’ll help you out.

Order of Indexing Records (Project Instructions)

Index the name of the deceased first; then index all the other names, each as a separate record, in the order that they appear on the obituary or death notice.


City / County / State / Country from Project Instructions and Field Helps:
Do not index street addresses or the names of hospitals in the place fields.
Do not assume a place of death or birth. For example, if an obituary was printed in the Grand Rapids Press, do not assume that the individual died or was born in Grand Rapids unless the obituary actually indicates that Grand Rapids was the place of death / birth.
Do not confuse the place of residence with the place of death / birth.
Do not put in the County or State if it’s not listed.

Relationship Field (Project Instructions)

Index the relationship of the relative to the deceased using the most appropriate term from the dropdown list. If the exact term is not on the dropdown list, use the term that is most similar. For example, index:

Stepchildren, foster children, or adopted children as Son, Daughter, or Child.

Stepsiblings, foster siblings, or adopted siblings as Brother, Sister, or Sibling.

Stepparents, foster parents, or adoptive parents as Father, Mother, or Parent.

Spouses of grandchildren, great-grandchild and their spouses, and step-grandchildren and their spouses as Grandchild, Grandson, or Granddaughter.​

Great-grandparents, step-grandparents, and so on as Grandparent, Grandfather, or Grandmother.​

Surnames (Project Instructions)

If the surname of an individual was not listed in an obituary, do not assume a surname from the surname of the deceased or of another person in the obituary.

  • Titles and Terms

All People from Field Helps and Basic Indexing Guidelines:
Type titles or terms, such as infant, Sr, Mr, Mrs, Miss, Jr, Dr, Rev, Reverend, Father, Bishop, Bp, that were recorded with the name. Do not expand abbreviations, type it as it was written. Do not use a period after abbreviations. Occupations are not titles and terms. Do not index occupations such as farmer, or housewife. Use the lookup list Ctrl+F if you are not sure. If it’s in the lookup list it’s okay to use.
Two Newspapers on Same Document from Project Instructions:
When two newspapers were recorded on the same document, you should index the name of both newspapers in the order they appear.

Types of Images to Index / Not Index (PDF Presentation and Support)

The PDF lists types of records to index page 4.
The following are to be indexed:

    • Obituaries
    • Funeral Notices
    • Estate Sales
    • Police Reports
    • Index Cards
    • Anything related to a death

Support has stated not to index:

    • Family Group Sheets – yes they have a death date / place on them but they are really not about the death specifically.
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