Spreadsheet is Back and an Update to United States Virginia Death Certificates project

Couple things today.

1. I’ve added the spreadsheet back up at the top. I started using it again a couple days ago and after some complaints about projects being behind in the Library of FamilySearch Indexing Information Forums today I decided to bring it back. The only difference is it’s sorted now all the time by country and then the difference between indexing and arbitration. United States has two sections as well since I get sick of seeing all the obituary projects in my list. I hate working on those projects.

2. I updated the United States Virginia Death Certificates 1913-1954 post since I forgot to add in the Veteran’s Status field the other day and something new was pointed out today on the forums.

The section

If a question regarding veteran status on the death certificate had a place to mark “yes’’ or “no”, index yes or no in this field according to what was indicated on the certificate.

has just been added without them stating that they updated it by changing the date.

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